Why Recycle?

Did you know that every year up to 140,000 tonnes of electronic waste are disposed in Canadian landfills every year? Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste the world is creating. Now, imagine the accumulation of heavy metals in this gigantic mountain of discarded electronic waste.

Steady accumulation and improper recycling causes heavy metals to contaminate Canadian water, soil and agriculture. As you probably know, the exposure to high levels of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury, are dangerous to our health, our environment, and our children.

We believe that we can make a difference. At Klean Recycling, we work to counteract the steadily increasing number of electronic waste. Just like the way paper is recycled — by collecting used paper, re-manufacturing it, and then reselling it — we act in the same way: we buy your electronics, remove all personal information responsibly, check functionality and then either recycle them or sell them to new customers.

  • We expand the longevity of your old or unused electronics.
  • We impact on consumption by giving your old gadgets a new home, therefore competing with newly manufactured electronics.
  • We responsibly recycle our unusable electronics to ensure proper material processing.