Urban Mining

What is Urban Mining

Urban mining focuses on the process of taking discarded devices and breaking them down into usable pieces once again. Cellphones, televisions, radios, laptops and so many more technological advancements contain metals such as lithium, tungsten, gold and silver that cannot be recreated. Rather than adding these materials into landfills where they will only take up space and possibly ruin water supplies, Klean Recycling is making huge advancements towards the recycling of these elements to ensure their availability for use in tomorrow’s big breakthroughs.

Footprint Reduction

Every time a lithium battery is added to a landfill, toxic poisons are released into the soil which make growth nearly impossible and makes its way into our water supply. The environmental footprint wreaks havoc on Mother Nature and is virtually impossible to undo. But advances in urban mining can change all of this. By preventing elements such as lithium from ever making it to landfills, we can curb the negative effects of technological advancements thus creating cleaner air and water, keeping garbage out of landfills and promoting a happier, healthier Earth for tomorrow.

Waste Management

What do you get when you mix the quick technological advancements of the 21st century with limited space? Really crowded landfills – while the limited space may not be alarming alone, when coupled with the effects of decay, it becomes clear why recycling is vital. The proper disposal of materials such as batteries and tires is commonly known to be a legal issue. But did you know many cities have the same laws for disposal of electronics? For this reason, companies like Klean Recycling who are working towards a more efficient means of disposal have investors talking.

Mine Closure and Rehabilitation

Urban mining isn’t simply a precautionary measure – it many regards it can be a complete reversal as well. Traditional mining methods often cause damage to the land and require extensive framework be implemented and maintained. These mines are frequently abandoned once they’ve reached their short-term goals in hopes that they might once again be revived in the future. But with the inevitable explosion of urban mining in the coming decade, traditional mines can be closed and returned to the Earth. By closing and rehabilitating the mines with life such as trees and grass, the space is made safe again for additional development such as schools, business or just a park. Klean Recycling supports the return of mines to their original state in order to maintain a safe environment for generations to come.

Eco-System Risk Management

It’s not enough to attempt to return the Earth to its natural state. Advancements must also be made to stop damage before it occurs. Instead of looking for ways to remove the existing problem from the world’s landfills, we must work to find the best possible way of avoiding the insertion of technologies into it in the first place. This is why Klean Recycling is dedicated to making urban mining a household name. While risk will never be mitigated to zero, as a society we can work to keep our technologies in a proper cycling pattern. With this, we can pass down a cleaner world for generations to come.