We need your help recycling electronics. At Klean Recycling, we are serious about recycling electronics. By selling us your used electronics you are in fact extending their lifespan or ensuring their proper recycling. This way less electronics would end up in Canadian landfills. When you sell a used cell phone, a used iPhone, a used laptop, or any other used electronic, you contribute to recycling electronics and making this world one step greener and less polluted. So whether you plan to recycle a cell phone, recycle an iPhone, recycle a laptop, or any other electronic, we are Canada’s number one address to buy your used electronics for cash and responsibly recycling your used electronics. At Klean Recycling, you get paid to be environmentally friendly.

Once you decide to sell your used electronic items like your old iPhone or iPod you just have to place them in a box, print out the free shipping label you receive in your email, and deposit them at your nearest Canada Post outlet. After your electronic items reach our Klean Recycling warehouse, one of our qualified technicians will make sure that the condition of your electronics matches your description. Then we send you the payment by check, Paypal, or a BestBuy gift card as you prefer. We guarantee that within less than 1 week upon arrival of your used electronics at our facility, we will test and send your payment. Selling your used electronics to Klean Recycling is the easiest and fastest way to sell any used electronics.

At Klean Recycling, we believe that extending the lifespan of your electronics is a green step to protect the environment. For every cell phone we buy and then sell, one “new” cell phone will not be manufactured, and one old cell phone will not reach Canada’s landfills. Once we receive your used electronics, we decide whether they can be reused or recycled. If your electronics are in a working condition, we securely and confidentially destroy all personal data and sell the electronics for reuse. On the other hand, when an electronic is in a non-working condition, our trained technicians would identify the electronic components that can be reused. All other electronics that cannot be reused will be recycled responsibly.